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    Social Business Model Canvas

    The Social Business Model Canvas is a tool for creating a solid business model around your social enterprise. It’s also a collaborative tool that helps you communicate different business models with your stakeholders and brainstorm new ones.

  • COPSE readiness questions

    Around Europe there is an increasing demand for social impact at scale, from funders, from intermediaires and from social enterprises themselves. But how to asses a social enterprises’ readiness to scale?
    We’ve developed some questions for SESOs that will help you engage in a readiness conversation, especially focused on internationalisation. For COPSE members, this is also a great way of assessing if it is worth engaging with the COPSE connector service.

  • COPSE connector service intake form

    This form has been designed to help you dialogue with a social enterprise willing to engage in transnational scale-up. The questions are designed to tease out any issues but also to provide the key information the COPSE team needs to find relevant partners in destination countries.

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    COPSE collective impact indicators

    These KPIS are designed to capture the value created by the SESO (Social Enterprise Support Organisation) and the impact it has on its beneficiary; the SE (Social Enterprise). It it NOT designed to capture the impact created by the SE. The detail gathered will be aggregated for all COPSE members. Please refer to the COPSE survey for a full list of question you can use to survey impact of your SEs. NB: these KPIs are work in progress and might evolve over time. Any comments are welcome, email: info [at] or lw [at]

  • CAN³ Sprint Hack

    The tool enables SESOs to facilitate one-hour sessions based around a specific theme for organisations to source tips, solutions, or avenues to explore in relation to a particular burning issue that they are having.

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    Idea2Entrepreneur Talent Tool for Entrepreneurs (Start-up Stage)

    The Idea2Entrepreneur Talent Tool is an online self-assessment and guided action plan for growing your entrepreneurial leadership skills and capabilities. The tool is designed to guide you through a discovery process with support from a mentor — ensuring you are ready to take the necessary steps to develop your team and build your social enterprise for greater impact.

    This version of the tool is for entrepreneurs leading social enterprises at the start-up stage. This means that you and your team are focused on creating a blueprint for your business. There needs to be a clear sense of what the business will offer, what it will do and how it will do it. During this stage, your goals should be proving your user or customer need and solution, having a proof of concept of your product or service, and ultimately a business plan.


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